Tammy McLellan Director of Training

Tammy McLellan
Director of Training

Tammy has taught massage since 1991, and has striven to bring Baby Massage into mainstream Health Education. She's trained hundreds of NHS, local authority & private sector therapists, and still loves sharing her skills directly with Parents.

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Quote from a Professional

"Tammy's manner is very relaxed and warm.  She really gives you an understanding of the restorative benefits of baby massage and inspiration to introduce massage to as many parents /children as possible - Wonderful !" Edinburgh, May'12



The Scottish School of Child & Baby Massage:

Started in 1994, The Scottish School of Child & Baby Massage's core team has trained over 1,000 Baby Massage Instructors across Scotland & Northern England. We welcome new additions to our arm's length team of Instructors to help ensure that Baby Massage is available to all parents who wish to learn this wonderful skill.



Trained in the basic, fundamental techniques of Baby Massage, all of our instructors also often incorporate their other skills into their baby massage classes to the benefit of babies & their parents. This truly enhances the learning experience and makes each course unique. Our Instructors have a wide variety of backgrounds including nursing, mid-wifery, music, play therapy & more.


Director of Training:

Tammy McLellan has been teaching baby massage since 1991 to both parents and health care professionals, running classes & courses from the local community centres to maternity hospitals.  She has seen many of the benefits of massage first hand, through both her teaching experience and that of being a parent herself.   Tammy is a very experienced, yet relaxed teacher.


'It is my sincere hope that with any luck, in 50 years time, Baby Massage will  be part of our culture again.


Parents will be teaching their sons & daughters how to massage their grand-kids.  It truly is a skill that with a little time, patience, love & respect, any parent can learn.


This applies to all parents, be they foster/adoptive/young/old - it is a skill that cuts across all boundaries and can be used in a variety of situations. 


Touch is our very first sense to develop in the womb. The skin is our largest sense.


To feel the care & respect of another through our skin is incredibly helpful to the development & maintenance of our physical, mental & emotional well-being - from the important, vital, early 0-3 years and childhood, all the way through to our older years.'


Tammy McLellan


Tammy is a graduate of the College of Holistic Medicine, Glasgow and holds the following qualifications:


Diploma in Therapeutic Massage

Diploma in Holistic Counselling


She is also a member of:


The Guild of Infant & Child Massage

The Society of Holistic Practitioners