Tammy McLellan Director of Training

Tammy McLellan
Director of Training

Tammy has taught massage since 1991, and has striven to bring Baby Massage into mainstream Health Education. She's trained hundreds of NHS, local authority & private sector therapists, and still loves sharing her skills directly with Parents.

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Quote from a Professional

"Tammy's manner is very relaxed and warm.  She really gives you an understanding of the restorative benefits of baby massage and inspiration to introduce massage to as many parents /children as possible - Wonderful !" Edinburgh, May'12

There are many benefits in learning Baby Massage  


For Baby:

  • Improved length of sleep and /or sleep pattern
  • Improved regularity of bowel movements
  • Can reduce colic or crying spells
  • Improvement in digestion
  • Can help in weight gain
  • Simple bonding time  - With the massage, you are being close to your baby.  Babies love close eye contact which helps not only with the development of their brain, but with their attachment to you.
  • Special Needs babies - all of the above applies and sometimes the benefits can be even more profound. Especially valuable for pre-term babies.


For Parent:

  • Improve confidence in handling - with our current western life styles, many parents have never held a baby until they have their own.  The massage can help you understand more of what your baby likes & dislikes.
  • An empowering skill - babies can be challenging at times and when you are able, through a little massage, to either help them sleep or digest their food better, you feel better and more confident as a parent
  • Bonding - Again, by taking some quality time-out with few distractions, you can really appreciate your baby for the amazing being that they are.
  • Relaxing - Once they have learnt to do massage, parents often talk about how doing the massage helps them to chill out and relax too! 
  • Meeting other parents - If you are able to go to a group, you get the opportunity to meet other parents with babies of a similar age & can chat about common baby care topics and your feelings on being a parent!
  • Uplifting - All of this can also help with post-natal depression, or even if you are just feeling a little low and want a listening ear and somewhere warm, friendly & relaxing to go!