Tammy McLellan Director of Training

Tammy McLellan
Director of Training

Tammy has taught massage since 1991, and has striven to bring Baby Massage into mainstream Health Education. She's trained hundreds of NHS, local authority & private sector therapists, and still loves sharing her skills directly with Parents.

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Quote from a Professional

"Tammy's manner is very relaxed and warm.  She really gives you an understanding of the restorative benefits of baby massage and inspiration to introduce massage to as many parents /children as possible - Wonderful !" Edinburgh, May'12


Baby Massage Classes: 

  • We run courses for parents & their babies in Edinburgh at the Pregnancy & Parents Centre
  • These are for babies from 6 weeks to crawling stage. 
  • For special needs babies, the massage can be particularly beneficial and the strokes easily adapted for your baby. 
  • If your baby is younger than 6 weeks and you wish to attend, please complete an enquiry form.
  • Courses are usually on a Wednesday afternoon from 1.15pm to 2.30pm over a period of 5 weeks. 
  • A start up bottle of oil and list of strokes is provided at the start of each course.
  • Please follow the link to contact the PPC to make a booking & check dates & availability. 
  • The Cost is currently £38.00 for the five weeks.


Home/Hospital Visits:

For Individual Sessions:

  • These can be  available for you and baby at home or in hospital. 
  • At least x3 sessions are best to learn baby massage and each session is about  45 minutes long (the massage doesn't last that long!) 
  • Tammy also has massage dolls for practising on, so if your baby needs to sleep during the time you have booked, you can still learn & practise the strokes. 
  • A bottle of oil & list of strokes are provided.


For Group Sessions:

  • These are for a group of  6 - 8 friends, who would like to meet up in the comfort of a friend's home. 
  • A course of 5 weeks of approx. an hour each session can be run from the home.
  • A start bottle of oil & list of strokes are provided at the start of all courses or individual sessions. 
  • Please click here to complete a Booking form
  • For costs & availability please contact us.


Child Massage Classes:

  • These are for groups of upto six parents.
  • Each parent is given a child size doll to  learn & practise on.  They can then go home and practise at the appropriate time & place on their child.
  • The classes consist of 2/3 sessions, each about an hour long.
  • Oil and a list of strokes are provided.
  • For costs, dates & location, please contact us.