Tammy McLellan Director of Training

Tammy McLellan
Director of Training

Tammy has taught massage since 1991, and has striven to bring Baby Massage into mainstream Health Education. She's trained hundreds of NHS, local authority & private sector therapists, and still loves sharing her skills directly with Parents.

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Quote from a Parent

"Very informative and easy to follow.  I liked the relaxed, informal atmosphere which put me at ease." Edinburgh, August '09


Participant Feedback - Professionals


"I'm a community musician working mostly with babies/children and their families. I had been looking for a while for a baby massage course which would enrich my practise and teach me more about babies' development. I found the course that Tammy offered perfect for my needs, and her approach and ethos very naturalistic and close to my heart. 

I had a limited experience of massage, but I found Tammy very supportive, flexible and more than happy to fill any gaps in my knowledge. This course not only met my expectations, but greatly exceeded them and opened my eyes and heart to a new world. Truly inspiring.”

Mona Zeidan, Community Musician, Newcastle - May 2012


"As a Family Support Worker with Circle Scotland, I run various early years groups. Baby Massage was area that I was keen to develop. Tammy McLellan was recommended to me by a few colleagues in North Edinburgh area.

The course for me was pitched at an excellent level, where I was able to grasp the practical strokes required for baby massage, as well as receiving the quality literature and vital research that underpins this practice.

The 2-day course provided ample opportunity to practice and learn the pressure that is required for the various strokes in the massage, as well as a Tammy providing a wealth of knowledge and experience from research and her own case studies. All the literature and notes that are required to start your own Baby Massage sessions are provided.

I was personally inspired by this training as Tammy is welcoming, friendly and approachable. She is passionate about Baby Massage and the benefits to parent and baby. Tammy’s energy and enthusiasm transpires to everyone making it a unique, holistic learning experience. "

Julie Calder, Circle Scotland - Edinburgh, April 2012


"I have been meaning to make contact for some time as I wanted to tell how  much your training has enhanced my work and how much I love teaching Baby Massage. I offer baby massage courses as often as I can and have found that I am incorporating it into my other roles .

It is so satisfying to see Mothers find their own innate way of making contact with their Babies and witness the building of confidence in the flowing strokes that they do. Thank you for teaching me so that I can help Mothers and Babies in this beautiful and sensitive way."

 Harriet Usherwood, Family Support Worker, Herefordshire - March 2011



“My very positive experience of teaching baby massage and the many advantages that it offers families makes me a very keen advocate of it being an ongoing and integral part of my work as a health visitor.”

 Health Visitor, Kyle of Localsh - August 2009


“Things I have enjoyed most :  

  1. Having time out of a busy work schedule to enjoy a relaxing, calming session.
  2. Creating the right environment and atmosphere.
  3. Lovely to see mums relaxing into it and becoming more confident.
  4. Beautiful moments between babies and mum.
  5. Passing on a skill that parents can use to enhance their relationship with baby and use throughout the rest of their lives” 

Family Support Worker, Northumberland - February 2007  


“I am a midwife of a steering group for post-natal depression and feel depressed mums would benefit greatly from baby massage. This is the most valuable course to me professionally in my whole career. As already outlined, I will use the skills and knowledge gained in many spheres of my work.

Nursing Sister, Stirling - September 2006


“For us, baby massage has been found to be of immediate value for those mothers who are suffering from post-natal depression. In the relaxed environment of the classes they can share their feelings with the other parents and us as class teachers, feelings and parenting issues they have felt too shy or awkward about or, of little value to bother with an appointment for. These classes have created important opportunities for parents to meet and develop support networks with each other, which, in turn has been vital in helping with their confidance and sense of well-being”

Health Visitors, Fife - 2003 / 2004